Weight Loss

Visionary Wellness and Imaging is proud to offer weight loss services tailored to your individual needs with our partner, Slim4Life!

Getting to Know You

Before your initial session, you will be sent a health and lifestyle questionnaire to give us a little history about yourself that helps us better to know you, how you feel about your current state of health, and previous lifestyle/health behavior.

During the consultation, the coach will get to know you better, and to better understand your “why.” We will discuss what you have tried in the past, what has worked, what has not worked, your struggles and obstacles you faced, and any concerns you may have about losing weight. Upon completing the consultation, the coach will have you get a comprehensive Fit3D body scan that will give us your body composition, specifically the percentage of body fat.

A Partnership for Your Wellness

You and the coach will work together in a partnership and map out realistic and attainable goals. We want to build a plan that is sustainable and non-restrictive. We will also discuss possible lapses or hurdles you may encounter and strategies to overcome them. You will have accountability, support, and check-ins with your coach throughout the program to help ensure your success in reaching your weight loss goals in pursuit of wellness and health.

Senior Male in exercise clothes holding a scale

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